I'd like your opinion on Maggie

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  1. Hello Coachies. I bought the Maggie bag in cinnamon after it first came out. At the time I also saw it in cobalt and black. I am going back to the Fresno store on monday to buy another Maggie, either in the cobalt patent or the black leather. After reading quite a bit on the forum (about the new patent being thinner leather) I am a little hesitant to buy the cobalt patent? What do all of you think. Thanks ahead of time for your opinions.
  2. I have the black leather and I just got the colbalt patent. I don't see any difference in the thickness of the leather. I love them both.
  3. I've read that a lot of people who bought the patent Maggies LOVE their bags, so I would tell you to go for it! Based upon what I felt when I tried on the bags while visiting the boutique (and believe me, I was ALL over the Maggies!), I think that patent Maggies will wear well (I have a patent ergo, and I don't think that there's much difference between that patent and the patent in the Maggies, though maybe someone else here might know better?).

    I'm excited that you're going to get a new Maggie--that design is beautiful! I'll bet you're loving that cinnamon--such a spectacular color! Have fun shopping on Monday!