I'd like you to meet Craie chloe and edith wallet

  1. Well, I finally did it. I purchased my first chloe from the gorgeous bellacherie. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!:love:

    Here's some pics of her in her new home with small edith wallet. (I hope they work!!)

    IMG_3233 copy.jpg

    IMG_3235 copy.jpg

    IMG_3236 copy.jpg

    IMG_3237 copy.jpg

    IMG_3238 copy.jpg
  2. and some more

    IMG_3242 copy.jpg

    IMG_3246res copy.jpg

    IMG_3247 copy.jpg
  3. beautiful!!!! congrats on your lovely purchase!!!
    Enjoy your new stuff :smile:
  4. :yahoo: Congrats~ They are gorgeous!!! I love craie :heart:

  5. Ohhhh, so pretty. The leather look so squashy, I want it :drool:
  6. oh so cute!!! congrats!!!
  7. FABULOUS:tup:
  8. Simply stunning! Have you taken her out for show yet?! ;)
  9. Yay! She looks very happy in her new home!
  10. [​IMG]

    This is my fave pic - too cute!
  11. Oooh, very cute!! I love the color craie!! It's so perfect for summer!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Yum! I have a craie too and love it. I have never seen an Edith wallet before. That is so cute. I need one of those too!
  13. Congrats! Cute pictures. Enjoy her!
  14. So glad bellacherie's craie got a good home, it was a great price. I have a craie loaf and love her.
  15. She's absolutely stunning! Modeling pics?:graucho: