I'd like to share some goodies...

  1. I'd like to share (some) of my goodies with you all. Please bear in mind that I have no idea how to resize these pictures. :yes:

    Most of my collection:

    My totes:

    My small and medium sized bags:

    My accessories:

    Also posted in the June thread, today's additions:
    june 1 2.jpg

    I'm also missing a camel tote, a black signature cosmetic bag, a black and silver long optic scarf, a black mini skinny, a pair of patchwork clogs, and a blue agenda. That I can think of off hand. :smile:

    Yes, my name is Starletta and I am a Coach addict.

    I just wish the pictures had come out better (and larger)!
  2. Quite the collection! You have great color variety. Thanks for sharing!
  3. NICE collection!:yes:
  4. Wow, cute collection!!!
  5. Thanks! I just realized I'd forgotten one of my favorite pieces in that- my Studio Etched Bangle Watch with the black Cs. :shame:

    After my last round of eBay purchases gets here, I'm banned from buying anything probably until fall at the very earliest!

    Oh, and I should mention... this collection has been building for 4+ years, so it's not like I dropped my entire salary in the past 6 months. :smile:
  6. you have a beautiful collection! i love all your accessories.
  7. holy crap that's a lot of coach! great collection! love the white and green zebra tote!
  8. Congratulations on amassing such a nice collection. :smile: I love the pink stuff, and that orange wristlet. Nice colors.
  9. Awesome collection!!! You have such great colors in your collection. I love your shoes! :yes:
  10. SUPER collection!:tup:
  11. What a great collection. Love them all!
  12. I love all of them! Such an impressive collection!! WOWZA!
  13. Very nice collection!!
  14. i love your whole collection, but especially your polka dot flats!! what year was that from??
  15. Wow! That's quite a collection. Eva Longoria has the same green and white zebra tote! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing.