i'd like to be MC Speedy Enabled!!

  1. hi everyone!

    so, i've had my eye on the MC Speedy bag for awhile now but can't quite seem to pull the trigger on it. everytime i go to LV, i try it on and put it back. try it on and put it back.

    i'm torn because i know it's a heavy bag and i carry a lot of stuff. so i'm worried about that aspect of it.

    but PLEASE HELP ENABLE :sweatdrop: me so i can make the decision soon and end my daily torture.

    also, which color would you choose?

    pics would also be great! thanks in advance everyone for your help!!

    p.s. i just got the baggy gm in fuschia this weekend and am wondering if i should return that for the mc speedy! :push:
  2. I would return the denim for the MC speedy.

    The MC line is amazing, every girl needs an item from the line.

    The Speedy is classic.

    White or Black would be amazing!
  3. hmm..toughie...

    I think i would too return the denim baggy for the MC speedy. Regarding color, white is more outstated, black is a bit more subued....personally I like white more as I think it will match with more colors.

    i didn't know the MC speedies were heavy.
  4. MC Speedy:
    Pros: very well made, lotsa details, bright, colourful, cheery, spacious interior, nice lining inside, one of the most recognized LV bags, it's a WOW-bag lol...etc
    Cons: a *bit* heavy imo, too big, sags (fixable), too showy, may end up looking a lil tacky in a few years...etc

    Colour: I'd get white...

    As for pix, I'm on my other computer now, so no pix lol, but I remember Rebecca has some nice modelling pix:yes:
  5. Girl, I'm in the same pickle you're in. Just came from LV this afternoon and all the Azur Speedy 25s are sold out. I tried on the MC Speedy in both black and white and still could not make up my mind. I really am worried about the weight and size. The white seemed kinda big on me and the black looked okay. Ugh! Decisions decisions. It really is a great piece in either color. I hope you get one!

    But as far as color...errr..hmm..get both! HAH!
  6. BUY IT! I just got mine and I love it! I got the black one but I'm most definitely going to get the white one too!!
  7. Winnie, don't get rid of your Fuschia baggy gm. That color is seasonal so you won't be able to pick it up again after it's gone. Unless you go the eBay or let-trade route. But get the speedy anyways. I want one too!

    I can't help on the color either because I want both. I want the white for daytime use and the black for night. They're both HOT bags. Forget the weight. You really want it so you'll live with it.:angel:
  8. NOOO keep the baggy! Its my fave bag ever and so comfy compared to the speedy and I am dying for fuchsia.

    That being said, you need the speedy too.
    It IS a lot of money, so I think black would be more versatile than white which I am not comfortable wearing in winter. I wear black year round tho in MC. I would go black.

    But I would eventually advise you to get a white speedy too. lol

    I think we all need it all!

    Let us know what you decide. We love pics of new stuff! :smile:
  9. get it get it get it... are you enabled now?? hmm??

    I wouldn't return the Fuschia Baggy for the Speedy though... I'd keep it AND get the Speedy and I'd also get it in Black b/c the colors *POP* more!!
  10. hmmmm....Jessica Simpson kinda ruined this bag for me...but it's been a while now and I'm slowing coming around to MC. I love the small accessories...they're super cute! I don't know....I think you should keep the baggy. It's such a cute color, and you could wear it short or long! And very lightweight! What about some white mc accessories to go with your baggy fuschia?? If you really love mc speedy then you should get it. You'll think about it too much if you don't. Let us know what you decide.;) :heart:
  11. I agree keep the baggy and go for a smaller item in white MC:heart:
  12. i LOVE the mc speedy but i too can't seem to pull the trigger. i also try it on and put it back, every time i'm in there. lol.

    if i ever do get it i'm definitely getting the white. i've always been obsessing over the white one. but for you, for some reason, i think black will look better. just my 2 cents. hehe.
  13. I love that speedy and would also love to have one! Have they fixed the red bleeding problem into the white... from the lining... for that reason only, I might go for the black (cause the bag is pricey for me)... but, would love the white. It would kill me if I got it and the bleeding thing started though... it's a totally fabulous bag... get it if ya can!
  14. Get it, get it, GET IT!! =) I can't really help with the color since I have both! I guess if I *had* to choose I'd say the black! This is a great, FUN bag...definitely a must have! ;P

    Let us know what you decide!
  15. this speedy does get heavy but its totally worth it. I have the white speedy and its my favorite MC. I plan on getting the black sometime this summer.