I'd like an agenda but...

  1. Hi all
    I'd love to get an agenda/mini agenda because they look so nice but I already have a Treo so...wouldn't that be a bit redundant? Heh, I dunno, I guess I need some convincing to get one...ya'll are the enablers here so help a gal out! :p

  2. I find that even though I keep a lot of information in my mobile phone as well, my agenda is a great way to keep a written reference of what's going on and a more perm. record of phone numbers and addresses. Also, I keep my iPod, business cards, stamps, and receipts in my LV Agenda. It's rather indispensible! You neeeed one!
  3. Hehe. If I neeeeded one, would I need the mini or the standard?
  4. I've had two palms and 1 Treo and I just switched over to an Agenda about three weeks ago. I was having so many problems with my battery life, etc. that I finally gave it up. Although I loved all the cool things my Palm did I use my laptop more. The agenda is soooooooo cute and pretty. Much prettier than any of my PDAs ever were. I never have to worry about backing up and I write much better with old school pen.

    Here's pix of my Framboise...
    inside agenda.jpg
  5. I think the mini is too small. Get either small or medium. ;)
  6. I carry the PM size. The mini is REALLY teeny.
  7. How do you keep your iPod in it? :confused1:
  8. Hi ichelle! I find it's just nice to have some things 'on paper...in concrete', you know? And, I love to put those doctor appt. cards in my agenda, even after I write them in...just as a reminder.
    I've not held the mini, but I would think too small. I just got a sm. off eBay and LOVE it...great size to fit in my purse! Good luck!
  9. For the iPod nano, it fits RIGHT into the zippered insert you can get for a few dollars through Filofax. Here's a pic for you!
  10. good idea...I wonder if my rzr would fit in mine...I just got a bunch of filofax stuff a few days ago (so cute) Is your vernis bronze? VERY pretty!
  11. oh nice! how much are the inserts? can you only get them at LV or can i get "generic" refills elsewhere (i.e. target, staples, etc)?
  12. ohh thank you :smile:
    also, does the small ring agenda come in pomme? :nuts:
  13. The inserts are cheap- way cheaper than the LV brand inserts. Ouch- so expensive. And not Bronze- actually it's Noisette.
  14. welcome:yes: ...so...have we 'enabled' you yet?!