I'd like 2 introduce u 2 my new craie paddy!

  1. Finally, she has arrived, my 05 craie paddington.

    Initially thought to be sable, I believe she is craie.

    I have attached pictures of her in many lightings - she is super photogenic -

    PS - the side buckles were undone for these photos as I am about to have her cleaned and conditioned
    bag5.jpg bag4.jpg bag6.jpg bag3.jpg bag2.jpg
  2. Oh congrats bella what a beautiful bag...it's so soft and feminine.
    I love it:love:
  3. Insanely beautiful!
  4. She is so beautiful - the perfect spring/summer paddy!
  5. omg !!!! the most fantastic paddy ever i have been looking for craie for ages ! :drool: CONGRATULATIONS ! :yahoo: where did u manage to get it if you dont mind me asking ??? :confused1:
  6. huge congrats again! :yes:
  7. OMG!!! That is so devine bella!!! Congratulations!!! :yahoo: What an absolute bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still willing to take it off your hands! :p So jealous! That colour is TDF!!! I think I love it more than the grenat!!!
  8. Bella, I can't stop looking at your bag!!! :love:
  9. Aww thanks Lean.

    Thanks to all who enabled me once more :p
  10. Your pics look as good as HM's. Have you got one of those paparazzi cameras with HUMONGOUS lens too? :nuts:
  11. Oh whow what a bargain, this kind of thing seems to never happen to me...:crybaby:
  12. pretty :love:!
  13. Craie is one of the nicest colours ever made in the paddy, congrats
  14. Stunning! Congrats!