ID Kristin Cavallari's grey croc clutch?

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  1. I've been able to find some similar ones by small designers, but none of them have exactly the same angles or proportions as this one. Anyone have a definite ID on it? thanks!

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  2. I saw that one, but thought that maybe it was a little different? Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard, lol.
  3. what a pretty clutch! is that the exact one?
  4. B. Romanek also makes a similar exotic clutch, but it seems slimmer and is definitely a lot more expensive.
  5. yeah, i ruled out that one, the side angles aren't the same. i'll go with the juliette jack one, it's the closest i've been able to find and definitely very reasonable!
  6. ^^ I think the top edges on K.C.'s look a smidge different because she has stuff in it...and on the JJ website, she offers the clutch in grey and a grey/blue...I'll keep peeking about though and if I find something else, I'll post it!!
  7. It's gorgeous. I absolutely love croc!