ID: Keyshia Cole's Ring PLS!!!

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  1. Does anyone know who makes this ring or where i can find one similar?! I need it!! I will forever be in debt to you :flowers: TIA:nuts:
  2. Honestly this is going to be a difficult one. It could be by Mimi So, Jacob and Co or any of those jewelers. If I find one similar do you want one with real diamonds, or do you want to go the costume jewelry route?
  3. doesnt even matter! whatever you find. i love that ring
  4. lemme go take a looksie
  5. i think i found it on there! sheesh.
    i'll take costume or NON name brand with diamonds lmao
  6. I think found it, its by Cariter
  7. I'll try to find costume, but If you really want real diamonds, maybe you could find a jeweler to "recreate" it for you? It would be cheaper because your not paying for the name. Especially if its by Jacob, his jewelry tends to be overpriced for the quality you get.
  8. that might be the move.
    j.crew used to have one similar but its sold out now and i can't find it anywhere. but i'd rather have diamonds.
  9. That is a darn cool ring!
  10. Its cute, I think you should go for it. I think it will hold you over until you get the real thing.
  11. i agree.
    so why kind of jewelry stores do custom jewelry? someplace like kays or zales?
  12. I know Jared, makes custom jewelry, but do you know a jeweler that isn't part of a mass chain? That could save you some money, and you could probably get better diamonds. I'm no expert though, for the best advice I would post this in the jewelry forum, they could help you out a little more, and give you more detailed advice.:smile: