ID Kate Moss' sunnies?

  1. Thanks for any help! I :heart: them.

  2. hmmm dunno about the sunnies but i wanna know what bag that is.
  3. I second that :yes:
  4. I believe it's her Balenciaga weekender bag.



  5. It's a balenciaga - I read it on the Kate Moss thread on TFS.
  6. yes that's a balenciaga....
    about the sunglasses....maybe Prada?Chanel?
    i completely love her jacket!!!!:nuts:
  7. i bet they're Prada, i have a pair of Prada sunnies that have the metal strip exactly like that down the sides.
  8. wow you ladies are quick! ok next question is which color is that weekender?
  9. since it appears to have silver hardware, i think it's the S/S 2004 grey
  10. Maybe it's my monitor..but it looks blue-ish to me. No doubt about the silver hardware tho!

    And yes, I believe those are Prada sunnies. I wish I could wear those styles! *whine whine*:rant:
  11. I think its prada....prada has the silver side bars on alot of their sunnies
  12. I love Kate's sunnies, I wish my face was big enough to wear those! :cool:
  13. LOL you guys answered that fast!! haha :P

    I was going to say the same thing, but you guys beat me to it
  14. definately PRADA!! im 90%sure! :smile: