ID Kate Bosworth's Bag!

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  1. Please help me ID it!



    Thanks guys!
  2. Here's a better picture from

  3. It might be a Rebecca Minkoff one
  4. I thinks this is other designer....not Rebecca. We will found, don´t worry.
  5. Not RM... it looked similar to a Mulberry I saw but it is not.

    Could it be Chloe? She has been carrying/wearing a lot of Chloe lately!
  6. looks like something from chloe but not really sure
  7. i think it's chloe as well.
  8. The bag is gorgeous!
  9. mmhh still no definite answer, huh? aahh i am LONGING for this bag!!
  10. This one is tough!
    Fabsugar posted more pics of her with the bag!


  11. I've been googling all over the place and still no definite answers as to who the bag is by. I hope someone will find out soon.
  12. The only "clue" I can find on this bag is the hardware.....I have a Jimmy Choo w/similar hardware........????
  13. I think it might be a Chloe. Just b/c she seems like she would wear Chloe more than Jimmy Choo. Could it be a Givenchy though?
  14. I've looked everywhere for this bag...Derek Lam, Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Mulberry, Bulga, Furla, Botkier, etc. etc. etc...nothing.

    Perhaps it's from a few seasons ago?
  15. ^^ does seem to have a Derek Lam vibe to it. I would guess that or Chloe?