ID JLo's HUGE bag

  1. Does anyone know what bag this is? I can't believe how big it is, I really like the style though.


    sorry if this has been posted before, I didn't have much luck with the search function.
  2. Interesting, I've never seen that one! Wonder how long it takes her to dig for her cell phone in there ;) Ah, but her assistant probably carries that for her!

    Sorry I can't help ID it but I had to comment on her look - super long gloves with short-sleeve trench, floppy hat, thick cuff bracelet, ankle boots - I could never pull it off but she does so well. (Though, I'd lose the greaseball/pimp look her husband is rocking)
  3. JLo's bag is by Jane August. Retails for $858. The style is called Kings Road in the Fall 07 collection. Here is the site:
  4. Wow..that would suck if you had to dig up something from the bottom of that bag....
  5. I actually like that bag. Im a sucker for green.
    $858!!! I have never heard of this designer, but I wonder if the prices went up after JLo started carrying them??
  6. haha, yeah, "greaseball pimp" is definitely not in.

    Thanks H_addict!
  7. LOL...greaseball pimp!!

    She looks great and I love that bag but would love it more if it was about a 1/3 shorter.
  8. Not a fan of Jlo, but she looks amazing in this photo. Love the whole look.
  9. SHe looks amazing, but I'd need at least three pochettes in there to keep the time spent digging out stuff under 15 minutes.. :wtf:
  10. The better she looks, the uglier her husband. I like the color and pattern of the bag, but you'd probably have to dig through that thing forever!!
  11. ^:yes: