ID Jennifer Hudson's jacket

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  1. ... from the Superbowl national anthem??

    so hot.
  2. I LOVEDDDDD it too!!!!! I was going to ask!
  3. ^^ right??!!
    *le sigh*

    ... the only photo I could find:


  4. #4 Feb 1, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    It reminds me of the Alexander McQueen jacket from fall 2008.

    It could be a variation of that, but I'm not for sure though.

    Edit- I'm 90 % sure that it is indeed Alexander McQueen, I went to look at pics on Getty, and it is very similar. Its a variation of the one for purchase on his site.
  5. I was coming to ask the same ? Thanks LL08
  6. It's definitely the Alexander McQueen jacket.
  7. what a great choice for super bowl!
  8. Thanks LL08!