ID Hospital Korea Experiences

  1. I did mini V-line and acculift in ID clinic early this year and they all failed very badly, leaving me with asymmetrically weird face.

    I am completely depressed and on the verge of breaking down everyday and even have to take anti-depressant pills to get me through the day

    The staffs in ID are not taking my situtaion seriously at al. So all of you who wanted to go to ID, beware. And the ones who already went to ID and have received a bad PS, we should gang up and go to ID so they can hear us out instead of ignoring the serious matter.
  2. An ID clinic here refers to an infectious disease clinic - I'm assuming that is not what you were referring to. Can you explain ID clinic?
  3. its ID hospital korea which specialize in facial contouring
  4. You can file a malpractice complaint here
  5. Hello,

    This is my first post. I have booked my airfare to arrive in Seoul in 2 weeks. I'm planning to get rhinoplasty. I have looked at all the top recommended sites and am so overwhelmed.

    So far I have contacted and got a response from BK, Oz and Seoul Touch Up (seems to be more expensive that the others).

    I have had a couple of friends who went to Dream and were happy with results however, they went with a Korean speaking person. The Dream website is in Korean so no idea how to contact them :sad:

    I've been recommended to get nasal bridge augmentation with implant insertion, open nasal tip-plasty with tip elongation and narrowing by septal cartilage graft, nasal alar resection together.

    Does anyone have recommendations and is anyone going Seoul for surgery in two weeks time?

    Thank you =)
  6. I had my double eyelids and rhinoplasty done at Pitangui Medical & Beauty. It seems that not many ppl know about this clinic. I got recommended by my korean friend and she said it is the oldest plastic surgery clinic in Korea. The clinic was open since 1988. It is right next to BK hospital as well. So, I went for the first consultation at BK and went to Pitangui. The staff and the doctor were more friendly and detailed at Pitangui so I got my surgeries from the medical director Dr. Yoo. Surgery result was very satisfactory. It looks really natural although i did incisional double eyelids. The nose looks really natural and nice as well. Send an e-mail to pitangui. I got most of the info through emails while i was in the states.
  7. My posts from another thread!!

  8. Thanks for that Glorygc.

    Do you have any before and after photos you could send me please?
  9. I was actually considering them due to all the positive posts I found. I got a response from them but not really detailed so might scrap them. Are you going to Korea for surgery soon too?
  10. its disgusting that they do these kind of things, i heard that they always hire new inexperienced doctor to do the operation instead of the doctor who did the consultations with you, its probably why they screwed up my face
  11. are you advertising for that clinic?
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  12. I'm worried snow, because I really wanted to go to ID for v-line or chin shortening.