ID: Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) Sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany's

  1. Here are the newest B.A.T. remakes from Celine:

    compared with the O.G. ones:
  2. So the oversized Celine ones are wonderful too. They wouldn't work for those with a small face though - they're quite large!
  3. beauxgoris, congratulations on your purchase!! Do you happen to have any photos of you wearing these glasses? I would love to order either from London or from NYC myself, but I have slight doubts because my face is small and it seems to me that Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan's version seems larger than Audrey's B.A.T's version of sunglasses.

    It would be really good to see some photos of the glasses on the actual person. If you wouldn't mind, that would be great. If you don't want to post here, I can give you my email. Please let me know, beauxgoris.

    Thanks so much!!
  4. ^^I don't have any current photos of them on me, but I can say they are large. I wear size 54mm Ray Ban wayfarers (the xl large ones) and the OG glasses are a bit larger then those. The size is close but the shape and the amount of plastic is more on the OG's.
  5. NYT's is on to them now too!

  6. Thank you for replying, beauxgoris. I ordered them yesterday from NY boutique (the dark wood ones like NYT is showing on your post since they didn't have dark tortoiseshell) and look forward to receiving them now. The only way to know how they'll fit is to try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :smile:
  7. I love that colorway. I was torn between the two. They're oversized, but fabulous and so hard to get in the USA. Please report back once they arrive and lmk what you think of them! :flowers:
  8. for anyone who is interested oliver goldsmith retailers should be getting stock in of the dark tortoiseshell manhattan now after the initial sellout- when this run sells out there won't be more stock until late September
  9. Hi guys,
    Hopefully this will help those of you looking for Breakfast at Tiffany's similar sunglasses. I have browsed hundreds of sites and looked at dozens of Audrey Hepburn B.A.T. photos zeroing in on the sunglasses.

    At first, I purchased D&G Cool Cat sunglasses that I thought looked similar to OG Manhattan's.

    And two photos below:
    But they were too big for my face and too much cat eye.

    Then I tried Ralph Lauren wayfarers thinking they might be pretty close to Holly Golightly's

    They were not bad, but needed to be slightly more round at the bottom outer corners. Also on the photos they look bigger, but in real life they are smaller. Go figure. They were not bad, but I though they were a little on a smaller side, did not have that a little bit oversized look and thus seemed a little dated.

    Then I tried the Oliver Goldsmith's Manhattan's
    I thought they were too big for my face, were too much cat eye and overwhelmed the face. Not the Breakfast at Tiffany's look in my opinion.

    Here is Ralph Lauren and OG more or less in the same pose and side by side. Which one is more BAT in your opinion?

    So I've come to a conclusion that we still don't know 100% who made Audrey's BAT sunglasses.
    I don't think Oliver Goldsmith's Manhattan sunglasses are the sunglasses she wore in BAT. Looks like she did wear glasses like that, but just not in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her Holly Golightly glasses seem to be a bit smaller than OG Manhattan's and also roundish-square at the bottom. OG is more rounded, tear drop shape, more cat eye. Please see the photo below.

    So those are my findings and I hope it helps you with your search.
  10. I think glasses can look oversized or regular based on your face size. I wear ray ban 54mm wayfarers and they look normal on my face. A friend of mine tried on the 50mm medium size and looked comical they were so big on her - so I think it just depends on your face size. The OG's are pretty true to BAT sunglasses - at least that I've tried. If you look at the photo of Holly standing in the window (i posted pic earlier in this thread) you can see her glasses are pretty rounded.
  11. Pretty round:
  12. The jewelry is what I want.... lol....
  13. i just received the oliver goldsmiths today and i adore them- couldnt be happier
  14. Which color did you get?
  15. Thanks for all the great research and information! I agree that there's not a one-size-fits-all answer to duplicating the BAT look. It really depends on your face size and, to some extent, shape. For you, I think the RL glasses are much closer than the OG glasses. The OG's cover your eyebrows, which are not consistent with the proportion of Holly's glasses. The RL's are really, really close.