ID Hayden Panettiere's pink off the shoulder top

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  1. [​IMG]
    Does anybody know who her top is by? I'm in love with it! Thanks!
  2. no but that is adorable. why is she so cute?!
  3. I love that new hair cut on her.
  4. I love her new hair cut too!
  5. sorry don't know about the top..she looks great .... everytime I see her I think of the dolphins she tried to save in Japan..bless her
  6. I love that top and that hair!! I wish I knew, I want it too!
  7. she looks awesome!
  8. I think it was id as Victoria Secret. I know they had the blush color but now they only have grey and black in that style. I'm not sure if it's exactly but it's a very close match.
  9. ^ Thanks! I'll have a look on the website now! :biggrin:
  10. super cute top
  11. Wow! Hayden looks uber cute in that picture! I think the short hair works better for her
  12. her hair is really cute. she looks adorable with long hair, but she can pull off the short cuts too

    but what i REALLY love are her shoes!!
  13. That top is really cute:yes:
  14. I got a top very similar to this, but in a darker pink, from Forever 21!