I'd hate to have another Lauren Conrad thread but...I have a sunnglasses ques!

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  1. Does anyone know what these sunglasses are: http://www.seenonmtv.com/index.php?v=mtvhilsomloklco

    I know most are inclined to say Ray-Ban--but are they? I have tried on the larger Ray-Bans--However, the larger Ray-Bans tend to have a thicker frame not a larger lens which the ones in that picture do have.

    I just think they could be something else....anyone have any insight?

    Next question: Are these sunglasses so over and should I scrap getting them? I really do love them.:supacool:
  2. Those don't look like rayban wayfarers to me. I know many brands make that shape so I'm sorry I can't offer you much help.