ID Gwenyth's bag

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  1. Can anyone ID this bag?


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  2. I'm not sure, but it could be Tod's seeing as she's the new face of the brand.
  3. gorgeous bag! i love her whole outfit -- very snazzy (and comfy).
  4. I've been wondering the samething too!
  5. So glad you posted this as I have been drooling over this bag. She looks great.
  6. Could be Tods?
  7. What a gorgeous bag. Love Gwyneth's style.
  8. I LOVE this bag. it looks phenomenal with her all black outfit. love the shape and straps too. someone find it, I'm guessing it's tods too!
  9. I think it looks like the Chanel monaco collection...but I could very well be wrong seeing as how shes the face of Tods, hopefully someone can find out for sure!
  10. I'd guess a croc Tods.