I'd gone MAD at the LVs here in London ...

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  1. I have been bad, really bad. My poor DH ... what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right? ;)

    So I started at Harrod's. Bought a Mono Speedy 25 as they had very limited selection there. Then moved on to the LV store on Sloane St., got an Orange Onatah PM. Mind you, I have these 2 items sitting at home back in the States, brand new from elux. The prices are much cheaper here in Europe, even with the high exchange rate. I ended up liking the Orange Onatah in person - I thought it'd be weird but it turned out to be a really cute shade of orange, stands out, and more a Spring/Summer color. The design shows more than the Cocoa, just hope it won't color transfer. The Speedy 25 was 'Made in France' whereas the one from elux was 'Made in USA' - I don't have anything against things made at home, just that I want most of my LVs to be made in France, and just collect 1 item from each location (so far I have Italy, France and US).

    Anyway, they didn't have the perf. wallet there so I went to the one on New Bond St. I like this one the best, and had shopped there quite a few times before. They had the fuschia perf. wallet. Just as I was signing my CC receipt, I saw the plate on display. Ah ... big mistake. I snatched that one up too! :P

    Ladies, I got 4 LV items in one day!!!!!!!!!! I'd gone totally mad! :evil:

    I try to tell myself I've saved at least 20% on each item, even with the high exchange rate.

    And I plan on spending another day here ... Must go visit museums and galleries instead! :suspiciou

    BTW, people here are so stylish here, and it's such a great city to visit. I went to the Tate Modern in the afternoon, although I don't like the building itself I liked checking out the exhibits. I am going to see the Michelangelo Special Exhibit at the British Museum later.

    Thanks Kathleen37, KK, and muppy for your points on shopping in London!
  2. whoa, that's a lot of shopping! good for you!
  3. wow. sounds like a great day. don't feel too bad. i'm sure you can sweet talk the hubby if he starts to suspect. 4 LVs in one day...in LONDON. :::sighs::: i wish i could go to europe one day and shop my butt off. a girl can only dream. congratulations on your new purchases. i hope you enjoy them. :biggrin:
  4. What a great day! Enjoy your LV's.
  5. sounds like the perfect day to me! post pics please!!
  6. :sad2: I'm travelling to London an average of twice a month and never had time to go shopping!!! :cry: :cry: I doing something really wrong here (or is it my boss that locks me in meetings the whole day until shops are closed???)
  7. Enjoy the trip and your fantastic purchases...
  8. Good for you,Travelbug!London is my favorite city in the world.I just returned from London two weeks ago.You are right,everyone is so stylish there.I love everything about it.The museums,theatre!!I always come home with a new LV!I love seeing women there carrying LV bags that are obviously old and still look wonderful!
  9. i love shopping in europe. even though the euro is strong deals are found! i cant wait to go back
  10. My dream shopping day :love:

    Enjoy your new LVs! :nuts:
  11. Enjoy your new Louie's....you should post some pics..
  12. Now that's hot! Loves It!:love:
  13. So glad to hear your having a fabulous time and acquiring some great bags! Enjoy & congrats!
  14. I see you've been shopping so heavenly there! ;)
  15. You will have fond memories of your LV purchases for years to come!