ID Courtney Cox's Bag

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  1. Anyone know where to find this gorgeous slouchy bag. It kinda looks live bottega veneta but it seems to be a bit bigger and slouchier than any one I've seen.


  2. I think this bag has been posted before--she has been carrying the red one this summer and Kate Hudson (the serial dater) has a brown one.

    I love those bags but haven't seen them IRL, also they are pricey.
  3. I have never heard of Bird handbags. They look lovely. Not available in uk :crybaby:
  4. They look awesome!
  5. They're cute!
  6. a grey ostrich one was even given away a few months ago. i always wished the winner would have posted about the bag. i don't think any other members actually own this bag.
  7. This bag is really gorgeous. Love the color.
  8. I have the brown ostrich (same as Kate) and LOVE it. It is pricey though
  9. ooh, pics megs, pretty please? and do you think it's pricey in that it's not good value for the money? because $1800 for an exotic bag doesn't seem bad to me.
  10. yes pictures please! i had never heard of bird bags until i saw this thread... and i am in love with the one night stand.
  11. I actually do think it is overpriced. The thing is it is SUPER lightweight, which is amazing. That is what I want when I carry a bag. But the overall design is a bit simple, and paying that much for a designer that is not heard of, it seems a bit much.

    Dont get me wrong, I love it and love the shape - but trying to be helpful and honest~
  12. Yes I know what you mean. If it was Prada we would think its a steal but for a not so well known label its hard to spend so much.