ID Carrie's necklace back in season 6

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    When I saw SATC2, I figured how much I miss the series so I decided to watch them again and I am sooooo totally in love with this necklace. :yahoo: Sorry for the quality of the photo.. I captured the screen with the iphone camera. It's with clear crystals and two green. I will be extremely happy if you guys help me!
  2. When the series ended they actually auctioned that exact necklace off. Just an fyi.
    I'm sure someone can find you a close match...good luck in your search!
  3. So did you order the necklace????
  4. I always wished that I went to the Sex and the City wardrobe sales! They sold unused designer good for like $25!
  5. Thank you all! BEBEPURSE, unfortunately they don't ship to my country :-s I really liked it though... thanks anyway!
    wildcherry21, I didn't know there were SATC wardrobe sales?!