id carrie's bag

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  1. any ideas??

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  2. [​IMG]

    bigger pic
  3. not sure about the bag but I want to id her jeans! they're really cute!
  4. Stella Mccartney, I believe.
  5. Def Stella, but unfortunately it looks like they are all sold out online.
  6. the jeans are stella mccartney or the purse??
  7. stella bag, jeans could be by diesel. they look like a classic boot-cut jeans and the rolled up bottom isn't the jeansstyle, they are just too long:biggrin:
    already by the manufactor rolled up jeans look a bit differnt and the bottom part is def a bit to wide for a one-time roll up.
    So you can go buy any of your favourit brands boot-cut low-hip jeans in a nice dark blue and roll them up :smile:
  8. To me this look like a Christian Louboutin bag.
    The one with the zippers on the front, but I
    could be wrong.
  9. can anyone id her shoes?
  10. ALso interested in the shoes..thanks!
  11. the shoes remind me of brian atwood studding...