I'd be in so much trouble.........

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  1. if Mr Label Addict saw these pics nah only joking he's a total enabler too!!!

    But seriously I think I'm going to need more stairs LOL


  2. i'm such a fan of your staircase pics!!!! love your collection Label Addict!

  3. Thanks It's the only place I can get decent light my camera is so rubbish that unless it is really bright it won't take a good pic I really should buy a new one but that would be a waste of bag money LOL
  4. Mr. Label Addict's wife has a HOT bag collection! :drool:
  5. so nice!!! I see you are on of the few on the forum to own the corsaire!! beautiful. I actually walked around with it at the store..boy is it heavy! I would get the bowly version if it weren't so darn expensive. Love your collection!

  6. Thanks sweetie! we're not married yet (practically but not yet) but it is easier than saying Mr Label Addict-to-be,
  7. beautiful staircase!!! my mom loves your pitures, shes sitting here with me lol. :heart::tup: <---- oh, cool new smiley

  8. Seriously heavy I have to keep swapping arms as it cuts off the circulation LOL the things we do for love LOL
  9. Wow, wow, wow, your gonna need bigger stairs soon!
  10. OH MY GOD............wow!!!! you're one lucky lady!
  11. :heart::heart::heart:...................
  12. Thanks Gayle & Mrs Gayle!

    Also for anyone who is worried about luggage take a look at mine have checked them quiet a few times they have been through Heathrow airport and LAX and come away unscathed
  13. Wow you´ve been busy! Fab collection!
  14. :nuts: Wow! Sooooo many gorgeous bags!
  15. OH Mi BAGGGG!!! Wonderful Stairs!!!