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  1. Can anyone ID the bag Lohan is carrying in this pic? thanks!

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  2. looks like fendi. is it this one?


    its the Metallic Mini Chef Bag on mn
  3. I think it's fendi, she's a biggy on Fendi.
  4. hmmm, thought so at first, but look at the sides of the bag, the metaling is off i think. Her bag has 5 metal gold stud things , as opposed to the fendi with 2 in that region?
  5. oh, ok, so maybe its not the mini, but just the chef?
  6. hmmm, got a pic. available? need to go look for one...
  7. It looks a little like the finish on my new cruise line Marc Jacobs. Its like a gold lame finish over canvas. Its not a really smooth metallic finish because the canvas makes it a bit crackly. I haven't found it on-line very many places ( Bergdorfs had a big selection in the store, but not the site). This is a photo from NAP that I found. It certainly isn't the bag that Lindsay is carrying but I think the finish makes this line a good contender.

    I emailed a photo of my bag to Megs. Maybe she can resize it and post it. Its also NOT Lindsay's bag but another example of the finish. I think the bags came with natural, blue or blue-green leather trim. Mine is the natural. The NAP is the blue-green.

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  8. wow, thanks for the pic. I was just looking the other day at this bag on the mj website! Nice!
    I need to figure lohans bag! you know what is not helping this bag obssession of mine? I went on to "" and saw the thread on celebrities with their bags, or something along these lines, and seeing some of these gorgeous bags carried has made me desire even more new ones:lol: There are some bags you just don't like till you see them properly worn and in action:P

  9. i found a silver chef on ebay, who knows if its real, but it looks similar. i've also posted another chef which shows the same studs as lilo's.