ID Audrina Patrdge's Chanel handbag!

  1. Can anyone please help me with the name of this Chanel handbag? Thank you! :smile:
    aud-nails-5 (Medium).jpg
  2. Executive tote - Spring 10
    I emailed my SA
    Chanel Executive Lg Bowler. It came in Black or Dk Beige. $2195. There is only 5 left in Dk Beige and 11 in Black. It is Calf skin and it has a snap closure at the top. It is pretty wide open at the top, more so then the GST you purchased. dimension: 21 x 31 x 24 cm. Chanel style # A47998 Spring 2010 act I.
  3. thank you!!!

  4. well... did you have any luck getting this bag? just curious.. because its sold out everywhere :sad:
  5. Ugh I am SO obsessed with this bag.. anyone have it