I'd also like to share my Legacy family

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  1. Ok, so seeing lodilove's AMAZING collection made me want to get all of my Legacy beauties together for a group shot. So here they are!

    Raisin shoulder bag
    Raisin Leigh
    Black slim flap
    Citron shoulder bag
    Patent turquoise shoulder bag
    Clay framed slim envelope wallet
    Clay framed French purse


    Attached Files:

  2. Beautiful collection!
  3. Ooooh! Another Legacy collection for me to :drool:
    Let's see, I'll take the raisin shoulder bag and the black Ali! They're all so wonderful and different!
  4. :woohoo::woohoo:
    I love your collection! I'm seriously considering a bag in raisin for my next purchase!
  5. GORGEOUS collection!!
  6. ***Gorgeous*** collection! Love that blue shoulder bag!

    I'm wondering if you're a nurse (based on your avatar). I am and I so feel like that cat some days :yes:
  7. I am about to be one! I graduate from nursing school next month! :yahoo:
  8. WTG!!! That is awesome! Where do you go to school? What are you planning on doing!? Sorry to hijack but I give you full props for finishing school! I've been a nurse for um, 11 years now (all Labor and delivery), and there is no way I could ever do school again! Congrats!! And you better buy yourself something very nice when you're done :tup:
  9. I go to the University of Texas at Austin. It has a great nursing program. I have already gotten a job in the OR at a hospital here in Austin. I already work there as a surgical attendant, so I will just be moving up the chain. I am very excited.

    And trust me...I will be buying myself lots of nice somethings when I'm done!!! :smile:
  10. I love the citron shoulder bag. That color really pops!!!

    Great collection, btw. You have some great variety in there so it's nice that you mix it up a little.
  11. ^^Wish I was a Nurse. Congrats on finishing up Nurse's School! I bet that wasn't easy.
  12. I love your collection!!!!! Congrats!
  13. Another gorgeous collection! You girls are killing me! I just bought my first all leather bag yesterday and I'm drooling over these. I love that teal. :smile:
  14. Thank you so much! No, it definitely was not easy! I will be rewarding myself bigtime with my first paycheck!!!
  15. Love the variety of colors! Great collection! :tup: