ID a gift for me!

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  1. Hello everyone! Recently received a gift and would like to know the name of this bag and price (hope my friend didn't break his bank.. ><"). Thanks very much! (I love the leather, so soft yet tightly knit!)

  2. I don't want to disappoint you, shadowyi, but I'm afraid the bag is not an authentic BV. The model doesn't exist, the colour it would come closest to would be Ottone, but it's too dark and has a different sheen to it, the zippers look off and the leather doesn't look like the one BV would use.

    Does it say Bottega Veneta anywhere?
  3. O_O! It does say Bottega Veneta on the tag inside, stamped very clearly, centered with Made in Italy in smaller letters underneath it.
  4. You should post pictures (including the inside) of this bag in the authentication thread. There should a small tag in an interior pocket that says Bottega Veneta and it should have a serial number on it.
  5. I agree w/ C_24... Sorry, it does not look authentic BV.
  6. Post it in the authenticate this thread, and I'm sure the experts in there will be able to help you out. Unfortunately, to my untrained eye, I have never seen this style/ colour before.

  7. Didn't you just post a thread in LV about a wallet you got as a gift that turned out to be fake?

    bad luck if this one is too....
  8. ^ I did indeed. My dad wanted some advice on what to get for my birthday so he went shopping and took one of my friends along. They were shopping in Hong Kong -- not to say anything bad about China, but oh brother. Sigh.

    I really like the general style of what they got me though so I'm ordering the real things. Sigh. I don't have the heart to tell them they got duped by fakes.
  9. I'm so sorry about it, shadowyi. But it was really sweet of your dad to make the effort.
    See that you have ordered the maple veneta. You will love it! :tup:
  10. Sorry about that. There's a lots of these bags in Hong Kong. They are about HK$300+ each.