Icons book....question

  1. Does the Icons book come with photos of all current the monogram collection? Or is it just items released in 2006? Just curious, I am thinking about buying the book tomorrow...also, what are other great LV books worth purchasing that aren't too expensive? Thanks!!!
  2. No, it's just got different pictures of the Icon bags (i.e. Speedy, Lockit, Keepall, etc.) and ads from the decades. It's kind of like a really condensed version of Birth of Modern Luxury. If you want pictures of the monogram collection, ask for the big reference catalog they give you for free at the store.

  3. FREE ~ wow, that's cool...but I just couldn't go in there and ask for a FREE book, I should go in there and buy something, but I am on a ban until 2007 ....hmmmm maybe I could pick up a key chain or something small and then ask for the BIG REFERENCE CATALOG - i wonder w/ the holidays if the would be in stock? i will get it a shot, thanks for sharing!!
  4. Lol..you can do it subtly..ask if they have the reference catalog or if they have it sitting out, ask if they have extra copies. That's what they're there for :yes:
  5. I paid approx $12 for my catalog :sad:
  6. You can just walk in and ask for one. As long as they are in stock, they should give you one.