Icons Book on Amazon.co.uk now!!! (and Birth of Modern Luxury...)

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  1. I was actually on Amazon looking at the "Visionaire 52 Private" book (£250!) and I noticed Birth of Modern Luxury, from Amazon, for £42! I've ordered it - although it was the only one left from Amazon, if you look on the "used and new" bit, there are 18 new ones, from only £40 odd pounds!!

    I guess we'll see what arrives!!!

    However, Amazon currently have 4 of the Icons book, at £12.30, which is only 65p off the rrp. and loads more in the "used and new" bit.

    I'm guessing these are reprints? For £42, I wouldn't mind a reprint of the Birth of Modern Luxury - those books are the weight of about 10 bricks!!!

    Good luck, I hope all is as it seems!!! I'll let you know if the BOML ever arrives....


    *Edit* looking at it again, BOML is a reprint, as it's dated 3 Sept 2007. I wonder if it's back in the stores?
  2. wow, that's so weird. I checked on amazon.com (US) and it also shows a bunch of new ones for under $100...thats a crazy price drop! They used to go for hundreds! I think I have to order one...I can't resist for that price!
  3. Aight...I just ordered one! I hadn't realized the prices had dropped so much...hopefully a new Birth of Modern Luxury actually arrives (I purchased one in new condition from one of the Amazon.com marketplace sellers).

    Wee! I'm excited! Thanks for letting us know that prices had gotten so low...man I gotta be more on top of the stuff...
  4. So, should have posted a couple of weeks back, but, BOML *did* arrive, and it's lovely!!!! (I had to take a picture of it in the shrink wrap, because it didn't stay in the plastic for long!!)


    Just to confirm, it is a second print, and it isn't updated. In case anyone is interested and wants to know which edition they may have/want, if you look on the acknowledments page, at the back, if you look at the following;


    where is says

    "Printed and bound in France"

    and then the run down of number from 10, as this book is a second edition, the numbers end at 2. On first edition books, the numbers run down to 1, signify 1st edition.

    It's a fab book, I'm really loving it!!!

  5. I bought one too after reading your post for $80. It was brand new, still in its wrapper and I love reading it. It's a heavy sucker though.
  6. I recently got mine too, 2nd edition as well. It's so big! It has awesome pics and info in it though, its incredible just to look at!
  7. ordered mine today for £42.25. sure hope i get it soon....
  8. Thank you ladies!!!! WHOA! I haven wanted one forEVER! I just ordered one for myself to put under the christmas tree!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! This is the same as the original correct? same pictures/text/content? just a different date of print no?
  9. *Yay*, I'm glad you've all been able to get one!!

    Rishin, yes, its the same as the first edition. Shame they didn't update it, as the first edition is dated 2005.

    It's still totally worth getting though. Beautiful book (though weighs a ton!!)

  10. WOW!! That's a fantastic price for BOML!!

    Great for those who missed out the first time
  11. wow thats what my brother has bought me for xmas!!! yay books for everybody
  12. Oh I have been wanting this for a while and now the prices are great so I may have to treat myself! Thanks for posting the info!
  13. I ordered one from Amazon.ca for $80 or so...but they're temporarily out of stock! I hope they get more in soon.
  14. Oh man, I just might ask my sister for this for Xmas!