Icons book! 18.95! What a steal!

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  1. Very cute little book! I got one today and saw Ilovepurses did too....how can you go wrong with 18.95!

    Perfect Christmas gift for girlfriends too. At that price I felt almost guilty when my SA wrapped it all up. I think I am going to go back and get a few more for my gift closet.
  2. Is this available online? Or through bookstores? Do you have the ISBN #?
  3. I want one!!!!!:yahoo: This means I'm going to have to call LV or go down there, hmmmmmm this gives me an excuse to just have to go now though...:graucho:
  4. I want one.
  5. considering LV's prices the book was almost like free LOL
  6. I bet it's available from the 866 line.
  7. I want one too.
  8. ooohhh...now that my trip is back on tomorrow...I'll have to see if my store has one.
  9. I PICKED MINE UP TODAY AND FEEL THE SAME WAY. They gave me a GORGEOUS LOUIS HARD BOX and a card and all! The Box feels like 100 bucks. I know this sounds ridiculous but I was happy. I joked to my SA at the cashwrap that Louis was making me go broke. She responded that she'd never think you could walk out of Louis almost under 20 bux.. Haha
  10. I know my SA wanted to put it in a box for me and I declined. It is a great book ITA:yes:
  11. what pictures are inside? oh man i wanna order one...has anyone gotten it through 866?
  12. They're at the Fifth Ave flagship....
  13. I saw this today-it's adorable and I'm definitely going back this weekend for one.
  14. twink, can you please post a pic of the front cover? I can't remember what it looks like. TIA!
  15. I got one on hold for me and will pick it up when next week along with other stuff . I saw at Ebay went for over $80!!!