Iconic BVs

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  1. Hi, I'm new to BV. Are there any iconic classic BV's? Like the Birkin and kelly for Hermes, Jackie and Bamboo for Gucci, Speedy and neverfull for LV. :smile:
  2. Veneta or belly Veneta , Cabat
  3. Like what Inkbluelover said above and maybe Roma as well.
  4. Thanks!:smile:
  5. Bv does have Icon bags
    they are
    Veneta in any size
    the Roma
    The Campana
    The New Pyramid
    The Sloan
    The most Iconic is the Cabat
    The knot bag
    The Baby BAg
    The drop Bag
    recently the Lido bag has become an Icon piece also
  6. ^OMG, of course - the Knot!!!
  7. I said the knot
    there is one more Icon bag but it escapes me right now
    It will come to me at 3 am of course

  8. I was commenting on what you said - that's what the ^ means...:smile:

  9. Thanks..any pictures of those?:smile:
  10. Check the Style section. They should all be there. You can also check the BV website.

    Are you wondering what bag to get? Because, it should be based on what works for you, not what is iconic. Case in point, the Cabat doesn't work for me. The Rete tote, in my mind a cousin of the Cabat, is ideal for me. With the price of BV, it's better to buy what you like.
  11. True....I was just wondering what their icons were.
  12. try the website for BV
    everything should be there except the Cabat the baby bag and the drop bag

    or on the reference threads here I am sure there are pics
    i don't post pics here

  13. The cabat is one for sure and of course the "knots'...

    BV does wonderful bags every season either a shape or color that stands out,
    but one should really pick a style that suits them & works in their lifestyle..

    The cabat is multi functional & just holds alot & looks great casually...
  14. My personal opinion of the most iconic/representative of BV are the Veneta. Cabat and Knot. What blows my mind is Tomas Maier designed both the Veneta and Cabat within his first year at BV, If I remember correctly.
  15. If I were to picture just 1 bag as the BV icon, my mind goes to the Veneta.
    Like Boxermom noted, it was there at the beginning of T. Maier's reinvention of the brand. Plus, it is so uniquely BV. At some point I read that the Cabat was inspired by Celine's Cabas shopper.