‘Iconic’ birthday reveal!


Nov 15, 2012
I thought I’d share my birthday present! My birthday is on June 29, but I went birthday hunting pretty early this year because I knew I wanted an LV. With a rather small budget for the LV scale, I really had my eye on the TP 26 new from the store. However, I decided to search the preowned markets as well. I don’t remember what my original intention was for doing that, but I started realizing that it may be possible for me to get a Speedy instead. Though I’d still love to get the TP 26 in the future, for this specific birthday, I realized that if I have the opportunity to add this icon, I should go ahead and do it. I am thrilled with my purchase, the deal I scored, and my choice.

I chose the Speedy 35 in monogram. I am happy with my choice, as I have a French Co. Speedy 30 (I don’t carry it anymore), and I knew I wanted something a bit bigger. I was also really looking forward to the sag because French Co. Speedies don’t sag. The bag is from January 2001, so it’s 13 years old. Not quite vintage, but definitely an aged bag. The bag was also Made in France!

My main criteria when examining bags at my lower price point was the condition of the canvas. Of course I knew I wanted good condition vachetta since I’m not replacing it right now, but canvas is the main priority. My canvas is in absolutely pristine condition, as is my lining. In the future, replacing all of the vachetta is on my to do list. However, for now, I am happy to carry this bag in its more worry-free state, with broken-in patina. The only part of the bag that is relatively dark are the handles. I used some alcohol-free baby wipes on them, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Most likely this is due to the age of the bag. The rest of the vachetta is all in fairly good condition for 13 years.

I think for a first time preowned piece, I did very well with examining all of my details and making an educated and informed decision. Without further ado, here is my ‘iconic’ Speedy 35 in monogram!

P.S. At this point in time I am not comfortable taking mod shots for the site. However, I just want to let anyone who is interested know that I am only 5’0. I am on the curvy side, but not overweight. I think the 35 looks perfect on me, and I don’t necessarily think size of bag is directly related to height. I think it has a lot to do with how you carry yourself and your body type.


Nov 17, 2013
Congratulations!!! Speedy 35 is one of my favorite bags. Have a wonderful birthday!