Icon book and heat stamping question


Sep 29, 2006
How much does heat stamping cost???Read somewhere here it cost but was at Lv yesterday ans the lady said its free.She was a little cold thats why want to confirm with some of you who have done it.
When buying something like Icon book do they normally ask for ur name like when buying handbags???
i bought the icons book yesterday and they asked me for my name, even though I had just bought a scarf like 2 mins beforehand. heat stamping is free, they even had a little free postcard in LV explaining about heat stamping and how its free. :yes:
no. they usually only heatstamp on luggage tags, wallets, agendas, and other pieces with a hard flat surface. if you ask your SA, they'll tell you what can and can't be done and where/etc. there are a multitude of colors, sizes and fonts to choose from. :smile:
When I got my luggage tag heatstamped I filled out a form for color, location on tag, size of the letters, font, etc. The tag looks GORGEOUS. I am so happy with it. And very happy that it is a free service! Look in the heatstamp thread in the LV clubhouse. Some people have had the chads on their speedys heatstamped and it looks great. I am thinking about getting it done.
Can't answer the question about heat stamping as I've never had it done.

The asking for your name question I can answer - Yes they have done that with everything I've purchased from the boutique. Just like when certain stores (Victoria's Secret) ask for a phone number. Its a way of tracking what you buy and how often you buy.