1. I served someone at work today who had the most hideous wallet I think I've ever seen, it was partly in monogram canvas, but then the rest of it was it this kind of soft/furry brown dalmatian print, and the "vachetta" had a slight pink tinge to it, sorry it just made me cringe a little when I saw it, and I'm not making fun of the lady that had it as she may not have been any the wiser but I really did not like it.
  2. ewww:yucky:
  3. whoa :shocked: :shocked: :wtf: :shocked: :shocked:
  4. :greengrin:

    I sooooo understand you. I work in retail and get to see so many fakes over a day. :yucky: I hate it. It makes me cringe inside everytime.

    I mean I can understand that people who might not have the money want to add a little glamour to their life and get something "LV" and don't care that it's fake, but what I don't get is why so many people run around sporting REALLY hideous bags/wallets/whatever :shrugs: I wouldn't even buy a no-name wallet if it was crooked and poor quality, kwim?
  5. Just imagine the cherry blossom ellipse I saw the other day. EWWWWW.
  6. lol, I keep seeing this girl with a cerises musette :p
  7. I saw a shiney plastic CB ALMA!! and a Glitter Blob "perfo" Speedy complete with broken zip!!
  8. Was it real? :p
  9. ooh. must get me one of those!
    seriously. that is so ugly.
  10. I am wondering if there was something similar made, since I do recall seeing a dalmation print with monogram bag from a long time ago.
  11. Ew yuck. I wait tables and I see sooooo many ugly fakes! I wish there were a way I could tell them I know. Like, "Hey that's a great fake where did you get it?" Hahaha!
  12. :yucky: