Icky Fake Panda Vavin!

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  1. Look at this atrocious fake Panda Vavin. :sick: :yucky: There's just so much wrong with this bag! The hanging fabic tag and harware are bad enough, but look how loooooong the handles are! And in the same sentence, the seller says that he is an authentic LV seller but cannot accept PayPal. I do feel sorry for whoever bids on this- after all, the people who are seeling the real ones are charging $1,700! :rant:
    Auction # 6878944122
    fake vavin.jpg panda 2.jpg vavin 3.jpg
  2. I can't believe they do Panda fakes!!!!
  3. oh yea.. totally. they fake anything. graffiti, robert wilson, panda, murakami characters... onatah, perforated, cerise... you name the limited edition line, and they've got a fake for it.