ICKY experience in Coach and the Manager said GASP!!! THE PURSE FORUM IS BAD!!!!`

  1. I have had a bit of issues involving rude people at the Coach store when I was not dressed very expensively. MORE IMPORTANTLY!!! I went in and was talking to the manager about the PCE next week and he honestly said,"It is an OUTLET coupon, we are trying to get outlet customers to come to the full price stores, how did you hear about it, because you have to have the coupon or I wont give you the discount?" I responded by simply telling him they are on eBay and craigslist, I was more interested in the December PCE. He acts all shocked and says to a girl, "I cant believe people would sell them on eBay!" I said, I also heard about it on a forum that I go to. He gets all irked and says, OH the PURSE FORUM? They cause all kinds of problems because there is more information on there then people should know and the Purse forum makes things difficult. He said he hated TPF!! He then treated me REALLY badly after I told him I visit TPF and I honestly got so angry I left! A COACH MANAGER SAID DIRECTLY THAT HE HATES tpf! That is stupid and awful, I would have never bought 2000 dollars worth of coach items in the last year if it was not for TPF!
  2. OMG!!!!!!! :-/
    Unfortunately we live in a world where people have opinions about what people should look like when they come into a store. It's odd but even watching 'Ask A Gay Man' on YouTube...you will hear William Sledd saying that one should dress up to go to the mall because all the SA's in the stores pay attention to things like that.

    To me I usually dress as decently as possible when I get to wear civilian clothes because I'm in uniform all day so I like to enjoy my time with nice things :biggrin:

    It still does NOT warrant a manager or SA being rude to you for not being dressed to the 9s. They can have their opinions but if you are going to spend money on their product they should at least be able to treat you with courtesy. Even if you aren't buying anything!!! And you should be recognized as a seasoned customer if you are asking after PCE, you obviously are in the know and aren't some random person that doesn't care about Coach.

    Frustrating to hear that he hates TPF, I wonder if he has ever come on here????
  3. Wow, I am so sorry to hear of your bad experience. It's so unprofessional for a manager to respond that way..huffing and puffing like that. Thank god I have only had good experiences with the SAs at my store but if that should happen to me, I would probably stop shopping at that store. TPF is such a great place to get info and I wouldn't trade it for the world. He makes it sound like PCE is such a big secret that know one should know about. PLEASE!
  4. Incompetent manager:tdown:
    Don't let it get to you but I sure as heck wouldn't drop any money anywhere that my business wasn't valued and respected. Good on you for leaving:okay:
  5. Today I was treated great because I was dressed nicely, but the other day I went in after working out on a playgroud (DONT ASK!) and I stood patiently waiting so I could buy the snowflake keyfob while SA's gossipped, finally a girl says, "Oh, if you decide to buy something, lemme know". I of course had been standing there HOLDING the keyfob for over 5 min. with my fiance next to me in shock.. SO I turned around and said to my fiance, " I wanted to buy a keyfob, but if she is more interested in being snotty because of how I am dressed then doing her job" and she looked at me as we walked out
  6. PCE coupons are on CRAIGSLIST! Cmon! He acted as though TPF is the scum of the earth, when in reality TPF'ers spend quite a bit in coach! I know that between myself and my family we are at over 5000 in the last year, and that is paying for the little turds bills!
  7. Yikes, I would never give that guy any of my business. I don't see how tPF is actually *hurting* the stores - if anything, it's helping them with sales!
  8. Is there another Coach store near you? If there is, write a 'lovely' letter to the management of this Coach store explaining why they won't be getting your business any longer. No matter what his opinion of TPF is, he should NOT be sharing it with you. What a rude and incompetent individual.
  9. Unfortunately it is the only Coach store ANYWHERE near me, and I wanted a job there! NOT NOW!! I might consider writing a letter to him, but I just cant imagine how TPF could inconvenience him!
  10. You know, I have a really bad habit of buying TONS of Coach purses and then returning the ones I don't use. I will sometimes drop $2k in one shopping trip and then take half of it back. Now, they are still making TONS of money off me, but since I am usually unsure if I will REALLY like a bag or if it will even still be there the next week, I buy it if I am unsure.

    To get back on track, I was shopping at one store in MI quite frequently until I went in last June ('06) and one saleslady was rude to me. I thought maybe it was my imagination and didn't say anything (spent $1100 that trip). Then I took my three sisters in the next week and bought them some items and the same lady was working and again I thought she was looking at me strange. When we left my sister asked me if I had ever been rude to that saleslady or cussed her out for some reason. I said no and she said that lady was looking at me with an attitude since we walked in. If my sister noticed it must not have been my imagination, right?

    I didn't go back to that store for 10 months. I now go in every once in awhile, but then this summer I got another wierd vibe when I bought three purses, a makeup bag, a scarf, and a pair of sunglasses on a Tuesday and returned the glasses the next day (they didn't fit my face). The salesgirl looked the glasses over (for like 5 minutes) like I had worn them and then ran them over with my car before bringing them back. Like she was examining EVERY inch of the glasses for evidence I had worn them. It was simply the case that the display in the store had fit my face, while a brand new pair was too tight. I got really pissed and again my sister made a comment after we left the store. I haven't bought anything there since, but I am all too happy to bring them back my returns :smile: Almost made me stop buying Coach and move on to Gucci. :tdown::cursing:
  11. Don't waste your time writing him a letter, call CS and get the name of the district manager and the CS address. Write both of them with your concerns. No matter what you had on, that is NO excuse to be rude.
  12. I was scrolling through the main page of forums and saw this post. What a bad experience! I think that this site, as well as other similar sites probably provides a lot of business for Coach, as well as other brands, b/c more ppl are exposed to them. I have a handful of Coach bags and I am now into Kooba- why? Because of this forum! It's really free advertising for all the brands- he sounds like a tool! I'd write him a letter and c/c the main location also about his great service and attitude.
  13. If anything, PF has made me buy MORE purses! I don't see why they view PF as a bad thing. It's free advertising for them! I'm sorry you had such a bad experience in the boutique - the manager sounds like a real jerk!
  14. Me too!! I can't visit Coach stores very often because between school and work, I very rarely get a day off. Because of tPf, I get to see a lot more bags and get opinions on them before I head to the store.
  15. I know the PF has made me buy more purses - but the SA's at my store always treat me nicely. When I went in to buy my Bleecker wallet the SA specifically thanked me for coming in so often. I don't expect much when I shop, just that SA would be polite, helpful, and accomodating for a good customer. The fact that a manager would treat you that way is appalling. I would write a letter to the corporate office with the store location to complain.