"Ich bin ein Berliner"

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  1. Today, I'll be taking a trip to Berlin. I have a visa interview tomorrow at 8:40am, so I have to get up there tonight - it's a 5h trip with the train after all. I haven't been to Berlin since I was 16 or 17, I am excited to go, although I wished it was for pleasure and not business. Sigh.

    Ever been to Berlin yourself?
  2. Never been to Berlin..on my list of places I want to go!Have a great time and take pics for us!!
  3. ^^^Yes, take pictures. You go to some aswesome places.
  4. yes, Ive been there on Winter! Nice City
  5. I'm from the neighboring country (Switzerland) but unfortunately I've never been in Berlin since now - - - I hope to visit this beautiful city one day ;) ! Have a great trip and enjoy it :love:
  6. I went there three years ago for my honeymoon and I immediately fell in love with it :love: It's such a beautiful and exciting city! I loved every and each moment I spent there. I really hope to return there as soon as possible! Please show us some photos of the city (and maybe of Alexanderplatz, one of my favourite spots)!!!
  7. Yes, we just got home last Tuesday from a 6 day vacation to Berlin! Had a really lovely time, great city with lots of things to do and see. It was our first trip to Germany and we wondered why it took us so long to get there.
  8. I've never been, how exciting!
    Travel safely Vlad!
  9. Have fun Mr! I haven't been... but you know that already
  10. I wish! It's at the top of my list of places I want to travel to.
  11. I really like Berlin, there is so much history in this city. It's so big and full of interesting architecture. Not to mention all the nice funky lounge bars and delicious restaurants (very reasonably priced). We were lucky enough to have our scholar friends there then who gave us a tour of Berlin and gave us the history behind it.

    Have fun! And Good Luck with the interview.
  12. i went there last january and totally loved it. while i was in checkpoint charlie t started snowing and it was very beautiful. i love that city, hope to go back there soon.
    the bauhaus archiv is amazing.
  13. Berlin is great. Enjoy!
  14. Sausage, try a visit to Cafe Einstein. And the Bauhaus Museum. Same hood
  15. Divina is right, it's Bauhaus Archiv, not museum