IceEarl found her HG

  1. Hi all..... many of you know that I have been searching for my HG for the longest time.... and I am soooo happy now, thanks to a wonderful pfer, she's my ANGEL....who really understood my love for this HG, sent me a note on the whereabout of this purse... and thanks to another pfer for letting go this gorgeous still new with tag reissue....

    I was on a week long business trip, and had been calling my assistant everyday to check if there's any parcel for me... was so disappointed that there wasn't any delivery... got back last night, and managed to talk to the local post office this morning and found out that all inssured USPS parcel will not be delivered door to door in HK, so I dashed down to the Post Office to get the parcel.... got back home.... and here are the pics....

    Thank you again .... the 2 wonderful pfers....

    Anniversary Grey reissue 227 001.jpg

    Anniversary Grey reissue 227 002.jpg

    Anniversary Grey reissue 227 003.jpg

    I AM ON PURSE BAN NOW....... but mum likes my anniversary black 225, so I might pass it to her and get myself a 226.... and after that I AM ON OFFICIAL PURSE BAN ..... or unless Chanel releases a new colored reissue in non-metallic/non-glazed metarial ....... I AM REALLY ON A SERIOUS PURSE BAN.... :upsidedown:

    dear ladies.. thank you for letting me share..... and I wish you all the best with your new purple reissue, navy reissue, dark red reissue, pewter reissue, gold reissue, ankle reissue...... :flowers::p I'll still be checking on all your new keep them coming :p:yahoo:
  2. congrats~ iceEarl~ i love this colour too~ is this a size 226 grey 2.55
  3. i love this grey too, congrats on finding your HG! it really suits you!
  4. Congrats!!! Brand new with tags even! :yahoo: for you
  5. aliceshek: thanks, it's really a beautiful color, it's a size 227

    bagwhore83: thank you, I am sure I am going to wear this purse alot.... as I wear alot of black....this is so exciting, the purse is still sitting on my lap while I type...

    Aurora: thanks dear, isn't it just neat.... me too soo happy....
  6. Ooh, she looks so much beter on you!! I am so glad she's in your hands and she found her way to a happy home.

    You definately rock the bag better than me!
  7. Beautiful and different looking reissue! You wear it well!

    I know someone who will be very jealous....
  8. GORGEOUS!!! Looks soooo fab on you! :nuts: :love: And BNWT...lucky you!!!
  9. I am so happy for your IceEarl! You look great in that bag!!

    Yes, HK does not deliver insured packages door to door. And apparently these packages are only stored in designated post offices that are installed with safes.......! I had to drive (...) to my designated post office once to get an insured parcel. I love the post offices here. They take their responsibilities seriously!!

    Shame to hear that you are on a ban. When or on what circumstances will it be lifted?
  10. congrats I am glad u finally got your dream bag, it looks lovely on you x
  11. congrats! it looks perfect on you.
  12. lovely lovely bag and you wear it so well !!
  13. great size for u, suits ur frame 2 a tee.... the texture of the lambskin looks really yummy
  14. Oh finally, I am so happy for you! :yahoo: Congratulations and enjoy her!
  15. IceEarl! You are so lucky my dear! I found the same bag from another tPfer as well just last month! I've been wearing her like crazy and she is my fav bag on earth, enjoy her!