Ice flowers jewelry from Bailey Banks & Biddle--anyone familiar with??

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  1. Those are really pretty jewels! I don't know anything about this store, either, but there are several in this area in the malls. They seem quite nice.
  2. Ooh, I like the stud earrings. :drool:
  3. upscale jewelry. that's all about i have to say. I've heard of this store before. nice pieces you have an eye for.
  4. we buy all our jewelry from Bailey, banks and biddle for many years. You may pay a little more, but I know that I didnt get sold a fake or refurbished item.
  5. [​IMG]

    when I was deciding whther to have DH upgrade my stud earrings or buy me a pendant, this is the one I REALLY liked.
    This line is MUCH more impressive in person, you almost can't see that they're made up of more than one diamond IRL.
    They're BEAUTIFUL!

    This is from someone who normally won't buy premade designs;)
  6. BB&B has been around a long time. My husband worked for them as a RM when he first started in the biz. Very reputable :tup:
  7. Beautiful pendant! I've wanted one for so long, but then, again, I've wanted so many pieces of jewelry for so long. Anyway, yours is especially lovely.

    I'm going to stop in BBB next time I'm at the mall and have a good, long look around.:tup:
  8. This is from someone who normally won't buy premade designs;)[/quote]

    I am so glad to see your opinion here! (Miss you from the Chanel forum--I am on a short term ban!) I don't usually buy premade designs either and I just sort of wandered in to BBB and was so surprised by this line. I love it. There is a 20' necklace with spaced diamonds as well as a rose gold bracelet I am eyeing. I am taking DH in to look next week after our OB appointment!
  9. I think their designs are stunning! Love the pendant Swanky posted :yes:
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    read the rules!!
  11. There is no selling on the forum.
  12. i have a few pieces from bailey banks and biddle. they have gorgeous jewelry. you pay full retail, and they are expensive. but i like my pieces.
    i have a diamond ring from their millenium collection back from 2000 and it has held up great, and they serviced it every few months for free. sadly the stores closed in my area, but if you are ok with the price, you'll love the quality and styles.
  13. Many BB&B in PA are closing their doors in December. KOP store has everything on sale and I think WG store is done.
  14. yes they got a crazy sale going on there