Ice Cube Or Classic East West?

  1. Hi everyone I'm new here. Been :drool: over everyone's Chanel but too shy to post.

    I wanted to ask you guys for opinions. I've seen the ice cube bag today, and :love: with it. Problem is, cos the top part (supposingly ice cube) is transparent plastic, not sure if it'll turn yellow over time?

    I'm debating shall I part my money with the ice cube or classic black east/west. I like the ice cube cos its unique and its bigger in size. Any comments? :p
  2. I would go for the e/w .. timeless and will last for years to come, which I doubt the ice cube will. Don't think I would find plastic fun and usefull in a couple of years.. its plastic!!
  3. I say go for ice cube bags....I love the tote and it is so unique!
  4. E/W for sure!:yes:

    Actually it depends on YOU.
    Do you novelty bags that may go out of style or classic bags you can see yourself being able to carry in 10 - 20+ years?
  5. If you are a classic girl I would say got for the E/W
    If you are "fashion indivualist" go for the ice cube because I think its on trend
  6. My personal opinion--the classic east/west. I think you will enjoy it now and be glad you made that decision in the long term.
  7. IMO, the e/'s so versatile and timeless!
  8. You should look at your lifestyle. The ice cube is very trendy, but will not be trendy in the long term. If you want a bag you will be able to have for years and still be on-trend, go for the e-w.
  9. If this is the only Chanel you're going to get this year or for a couple of years go for the e/w. But if your budget allows for 1-2 bags a year then blow a bit on the ice cube bag, you said you love it and you should be in love with your handbags, and save for a classic next time. The ice cube will be a stunner for the holidays and summer.
  10. I vote for E/W, thats gonna be my next Chanel.
  11. ice cube seems like a bag for a girl who likes to take chances, if thats you go for it 100%

    e/w is a bag you won't regret getting (although rather small compared to its Jumob and medium sized sisters) its definitely something you should get.

    personally I would get the e/w bag.
  12. If it is value for money and timeless classic you are looking for, I would say go for the e/w.

    However, if you just wanna have fun and splurge a little for a stunner which could last you for a short while, get the ice-cube. :yes:
  13. tough decision, but I think the ice cube is so fun and cute that I would go for it ;)
  14. oh and welcome to the forums too :biggrin:
  15. e/w got my vote