Ice cream scented room spray

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  1. This is a room fragrance spray from Ben & Jerry's which will make your room smell like freshly baked waffle cones, which sounds DE-licious. It also comes in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour. Spray it on your sofa and watch as your guests surreptitiously lick it whilst you're refilling their glasses.

    Ben & Jerry's

  2. That will probably make me hungry .....
  3. Oh, yum! I'm a nut for candles or any type of home fragrance. I'll have to try some of this.
  4. I have a hard enough time getting my dog to stop licking the sofa. She's a chihuahua and she licks EVERYTHING.
  5. I'll probably roll around in bed like a cat. It's gonna make me all giddy and happy.
  6. :roflmfao: Too funny! I could see myself doing that....

    Oh man, I'm gonna need a bottle of this stuff, I :heart: the smell of freshly baked waffle cones....I walk into Ben & Jerry's or Coldstone and just stand there for a couple seconds breathing in deeply, while the scooper looks mildly annoyed...:blush:
  7. I could not use that. I had a scented candle that smelled like sugar cookies and when I burned it all I could think about was eating. I finally had to throw it in the trash.
  8. There's another brand, demeter, I think that has a bunch of food inspired scents... they sell them (or used to? i havent looked) at sephora and ulta. But those might be perfumes, not room sprays, but they might have both. Some of them I remember smelling nice and others I was like, why would I want to smell like this!
  9. mmmm I love me some waffle cones!:P I need some.
  10. mmm...that sounds so delish!!!!!
    Vert tempting and it sounds good enough to make anyone go ga-ga over the smell.
  11. sounds super delicious. maybe smelling the sent will satisfy my craving for sweets?
  12. That will not help with my dieting at all! :roflmfao:
  13. I LOVE Demeter..I like the sugary food ones though, not the weird ones like tomato, dirt, leather and tobacco. Bleh. Who wants to smell like dirt?

    But the Ben and Jerry's ones sound YUMMY.
  14. god. i would love that but would end up buying tbs of ice cream to compensate for my drooling mouth over the smell
  15. ^^ I agree - would make me way to hungry! :smile: