Ice Cream Dooneys!

  1. This is one style of Dooney and Bourke that I don't like.
  2. i think the tassel tote is quite cute and a bit kitsch for summer
  3. I don't like it... but who am I to judge... I'm 37 and love my Dooney Bumble Bee stuff!
  4. it's been out for a while, i hate it! lol....
  5. UGh..I don't like this at all! Still love the Nile Line.
  6. not so up for the icecream bag.
  7. I don't care for it but thats not to say someone else wouldn't look cute carrying it.
  8. I am undecided on this one.
  9. once again, another juvenile bag. I really wish Dooney would go back to their classic styles and the original leather they were known for years ago. AWL2 is nothing compared to the thick leather they once had. Dooney was once THE premier handbag that everyone wished they could buy.

    This ice cream bag would be nice for a 14 years old, but not me. Just my opinion.
  10. I have one of those. A beautiful, almost indestructible bag.
  11. Eh I guess it could be cute in a way. I'd never wear it though... its too boring for something that colorful. I'd get tired of it too quickly!!
  12. Aw it's cute! I saw this in the catalog I got the other day and it's definitely fun. I wouldn't want a whole bag with that print, but I think the smaller pieces are adorable.
  13. maybe like an umbrella...hehe...I think that would be cute actually lol
  14. Yuck! I don't like this line at all.