Ice Blue Vernis

  1. Hey all, I was in the LV boutique yesterday and saw a few pieces (brentwood, wallet) in vernis but in ICE BLUE. It's a beautiful color for the summer, but is this a new color? I'm wondering b/c I know Brentwood is a new handbag style so why would it come out in an older color.
  2. I know baby blue was an old color. I have never seen ice blue. Are you sure it wasn't silver? Sometimes silver can look different in different lights?? Did you ask the SA about it? Ice Blue would be an awesome vernis color though!!
  3. Must be a new color :smile: is it dark or light?

    I just looked on and there was n0thing there yet :sad:
  4. Definitely Ice blue, not silver. I didn't get a chance to ask the SA about it cause i had my toddler daughter with me.
  5. could it be lavander:wondering thats an ice blue colour, but i thought it was discontinued as well
  6. I want to know what color it is. It sounds really pretty.
  7. i'll call the boutique to find out what i saw. i thought i saw something comparable to the color on a hillary duff picture in the celebrity sticky. she was holding a bedford vernis in a blueish color.
  8. My guess is that it was pearle. There is no light blue, lavender, silver, etc. that is not discontinued. There WAS a baby blue color, a lavender, and a silver, but they've all been discontinued.
  9. It had to be pearle, I just got off the phone with 866 vuitton and there are only the camel color, pearle and the framboise when she did the store search. the ice blue was a few years ago and long out of the system.
  10. Ice blue? I have no idea what this could be. The baby blue of years ago wasn't really "icy." I was in the 5th Ave store maybe 3 weeks ago and they had lavender bags on display still; maybe that was it?
  11. ^^ OOOH, what lavender bags were on display?! :nuts:

    I have a blue thompson st., but it is definately more a robins-egg-Tiffany's blue than icy blue.

  12. i found out it's the lavendar. the LV in Manhasset, LI has a few pieces of it left, including the Reade MM and a wallet. If anyone wants the reade, let me know as i have it on hold until tomorrow morning. I was debating between the MM or a Chanel cerf tote, but decided the latter since i can carry on shoulder and not worry about the vernis delicacy.
  13. I sent you a message.
  14. What about the Brentwood? Was that lavender too? :weird: