Ice Blue Triple Threat - Clutch + Coin purse + BOOBIE!!

  1. Everything in that auction is so cool!
  2. hehehe! :yahoo:
  3. oh its gone already, i just cant seem to be able to grab those boobies and i really want one lol
  4. Whoooo GO DONNA!!! :yahoo: Score!
  5. Congrats Oh donna!
  6. Donna what am i going to do with you and your boobie/accessary addiction:lecture:
    Congrats:yahoo: :shocked:
  7. Donna, a couple more and you'll have your own solar system.:p
  8. That was the first time ever that I pretty much did BIN, paid and THEN actually looked at the auction. I needed to move quick on this one. I love accessories, they make me happy.:love:
  9. Thank you!
  10. In the mail tomorrow, priority. Yay!
  11. congrats Donna~I knew you were gonna get it coz boobie~:p
  12. i laughed when i saw the winner was you donna! congrats!!!!
  13. I somehow thought you were gonna get it Donna~~congrats~