Ice Blue Hobo: $799 BIN

  1. Oooh! I remember when she first listed this at like 1095 or 1100 or something. I was totally drooling over it. I'm just so paranoid about it yellowing like a lot of the light colors seem to be doing. :sad: It's just so beautiful, though!:tender:
  2. i wish they made a blue color that's in between skyblue and iceblue. maybe in the future!? but that's one gorgeous bag...still missing my skyblue hobo though.
  3. yea in some pictures it does look yellowish.
    sorta like how the pale rose turns yellowish. yeek
  4. I could swear she lowered the price again from what she relisted it at yesterday ... I thought it was at $899...

    I really love the hobo in light blue (sky blue, ice blue). The ice blue color is really unique looking, though...seems more difficult to come by. I didn't notice the yellowing...but that is a concern if ice blue is another one of those colors that does that.
  5. it is very lovely.......i'll get another blue day bag one day!!!!!! when I'm less poor. =(