Ice blue first...

  1. Crap - I have no idea if it's real. I am so close to pushing some buttons.....
  2. Phew, I was the highest bidder there for 8 seconds! Got sniped at the end - thank God, didn't even want it! lol
  3. LOL i bid on it for my sis too but got outbid in the last 5 secs! Went for a steal though!
  4. lol - how much was your bid - mine was $330 (highest 348)
  5. OH what a steal! I had a snipe on it, but I woke up so I removed it. I put in a bid but after I recognized a name from PF I stopped bidding hoping they'd get it! I hope the final winner is a PFer!!!
  6. Mine was $410
  7. lol - nevermind, i can see you in the history
  8. its authentic :biggrin:
  9. MINE WAS 450$!! I lost it for 5$!!:shocked: :cry:
  10. Well it certainly is pretty, is the price of 455 a bargain for this?
  11. Oh no so sorry about that miss-lilly! It's annoying when you lose out on just a few $
  12. Miss Lilly - were you sniping?
  13. It is definitely a bargain! I have an ice blue as well (that's why my sis wanted one after she saw mine lol) but got it for a lot more than $455!!
  14. Wow - congrats to whoever got it, hope it's a pf'er
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