Ice blue coin purse - BIN $220 or BO

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  1. Aw, so cute. It still looks good. I already have a couple ice blue things or I would get it.
  2. i LOVE ice blue...i have been eyeing the ice blue first that a PFer is selling with there is no way i can get another bag right now, esp before i even open the xmas gift of my first b-bag from my darling hubby. he'd feel so slighted!!! but a coin purse, hmmm maybe. the ice blue would be so pretty with my BI day.

    do you gals think that the wear on this could be cleaned up with some cleaner, aka around the buckle etc? it's super cute.
  3. ohhhh..........that is very nice. definately reasonable too. I bet it will go quick! You should definately get it mara! as a xmas to yourself. you can open them together:yes:
  4. does anyone think that this is a potentially good item? i emailed the seller asking her if she had ever cleaned it, or tried to...and also if she ever treated it. she said no to both things. i feel like $220 is too much since it seems pretty used but it might clean up nicely? and they are taking best offer...thoughts ??? i really would LOVE an ice blue cp but i really would like to get a cleaner one. help!
  5. I think if it's only surface dirt, LMB cleaner might work well (I used it successfully on a sky blue hobo although the dirt was minor compared to this purse). I think it would be worth making a lower offer.
  6. I have a pale pink coin purse and theyre gonna get used and abused regardless of how well you take care of them. From being in your hands and being thrown into the bottom of your bag. I think its a good purchase. I can fit my cell, credit cards and my car and house key in it when I need to use just that. I think someone should make the seller an offer and grab it!
  7. i think that this is a great buy!!!
    i was looking at it before it was posted.
    i haven't bought any b-bags or accessories from ebay before...
    are you looking to get it? if so, i'm not going to bid on it. this would look pretty good with your BI Day esp. if you don't carry larger wallets
  8. thanks gals, i am thinking that i will put an offer on it for what i am willing to pay. one of my friends had a good point in that if i got it and cleaned it up and it still wasn't what i wanted then i could just resell it on ebay. but it's true that i will definitely rough it up...i guess it's the mental thing of someone else's dirt on it! hehee. but if it cleans up nicely i would be super jazzed!!

    it would look really purty with my BI day, for sure! and i am in love with ice blue. i typically just use small coin purses as wallets as i don't carry a checkbook or many cc's or anything and i hardly ever have actual cash...haha. so these are the perfect size for me. i have seen them in person at local stores and i love how cute they are.

    pooh, you never know, she might decline my offer, but i figure i will kick myself if i don't try. i can't justify retail on a coin purse so my only option is to try to find one on ebay! when aloha rag had their sale start and they had those pink pony hair ones for $105 i was SOOO bummed when they sold out and i saw the sale the day after. for $105 that was a serious steal! i keep hoping someone bought 2-3 and would put one up on ebay but so far it's been about a week and nothing has shown up so..:shrugs:
  9. okay..
    good luck!
    hope you get it! let us know
  10. good luck mara...i hope you get it too.
  11. Marae, the pony hair sheds anyway, you would be better off with the ice blue one I think. Go for it girl!
  12. okay girls this might be a silly Q since i mean who really wants to waste time to knock off a coin purse right? but does it look auth? the right buckle is almost touching the raised metal rivet and i thought that bal was more careful about that kinda thing? i compared it to the 'metallic' coin purse auction that ended like last week and this one seems a little more sloppy? but it just could be because it's used so well? hard to tell sometimes. anyway, tell me if i am being a freak or if it's something to worry about. :shame:
  13. its real and the seller is a PFer also.
  14. thanks donna!!

    i ended up making an offer so we'll see...keeping fingers crossed. :sweatdrop: