Ice Blue Classique in pretty good condition, BIN $578 Hurry!!!

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  1. good find.
    i hope someone who wants an ice blue sees this!
  2. ohh so want to BIN it... must resist!!... looking for a darker color!
  3. great price....
    kinda dirty tho
  4. It's Money ORder Only, very Shady. I placed in a bid to get rid of BIN until they repond to let me know if I can pay via Paypal, otherwise I will cancel it. Sorry ladies!
  5. Hmmmm... I saw where she said contact first to use Paypal and figured she was just being cautious. I'll be interested to see what she says liz!

    Ladies in the UK, please PM me if you really want this so I can let you know ASAP when I retract my bid if she says no to Paypal.
  7. why would someonen bid on that great price?!

  8. I explained above that I am waiting to hear back from the seller about using Paypal and sending over seas.
  9. I saw that right when it came on ebay and I was going to BIN but it looks quite discolored, no?
  10. All the Ice Blue colors I've seen IRL look like that, maybe from the lighting? Or maybe it just starts to fade/discolor because it is such a light color.
  11. Someone BIN. Did you get it Liz?
  12. YEP!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    The girl is such a sweetie too!:tender: She immediately emailed me a couple times telling me she has it all packed up and took a picture to show me what the box looks like with my address all filled out so I know what to looks for.

    Yay....SOmething to look forward to in the mail again!:happydance:
  13. It's Karma....See, I saw this bag in LA brand new for $497, but I thought it was the mini because it was stuffed and looked a lot smalled and I never actually seen a mini IRL. I then went to another store in LA with B-bags and saw regular First bags but they weren't really stuffed so it looked like different sizes. I then came home and posted in Achtung about it. It wasn't until last week in NM in SF (it was stuffed a lot there too but I emptied it out to try it on) that I realised my mistake and started calling my SA there frantically and he told me it had sold on the day I posted (Somebody realised my mistake). I was SOOOO bummed out and sad and depressed

    But now I got it!:smile: