Ice Blue Box BIN $870

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  1. doesnt the ice blue turn yellowish also? I love ice blue and want one sooo bad...I dont know why I am so afraid of buying the lighter colors. An ice blue twiggy would be tdf.
  2. omg so pretty. ice blue is one of my FAVE colors.

    lizlikeshugs had an ice blue twiggy up on ebay last week which did not sell, and it's still up on craigslist. it looked SUPER divine.

    i love the ice blue and the super pale pink, but i also am a bit afraid of yellowing. but the colors are just divine. i think though if i was in the market and an ice blue first came up, i would take the risk. i just love the ice blue.
  3. The BIN is now $900. I know this was purchase on ebay for $850 by the same lady who buys and sells them for more. That doesn't sit too well with me.
  4. Ohh an just increase the BIN.....hmph.:s
  5. I'm scared that with the lighter colours I'll get all anal and insist on everyone who touches it wear gloves. Then I'll be crazy glove girl.
  6. price changed more BIN....:confused1: