ice blue accident!

  1. at an italian restaurant my bf and i frequent often the busboy managed to spill bruchetta, olive oil and tomatoes on the front of my my ice blue. i wont tell you have i guys know :graucho: . anyway, i think the restaurant is going to buy me another bal bc i explained that cleaning will not fix the problem completely and an 05 ice blue leather is now history.........i gotta say guys, that apple guard does something bc the stain is better than when it first happened and i did nothing else to it yet... suggestions?
  2. oh no! sorry to hear that chaussure. how awful! the restaurant should pay big time for that. can you post pics of the stain?

  3. OMG :amazed::amazed: !!!! It's horrible - I don't know what would be my reaction on this "accident" :mad: !!! I'm soooo sorry .... hopefully you can clean it or ... get a new bbag ;)! Good luck chauss .... !
  4. OMG OMG!!! so its an oil, vinegar and tomato stain? frick! :cry:

    will they either buy you a new weekender or pay to have it repaired? god that sucks so much!
  5. That's all of our worst nightmares come true. I am so sorry.

    Does the restaurant realize what the replacement cost is?
  6. I think had that happened to me, you would have seen me on the weekend additional of the news "Psycho restaurant patron kills waiter
    in hand bag fiasco"...........You must have gone crazy! I am so sorry this happened.....
  7. OMG!!!! Chauss--are you ok?!? I would have had a heart attack--that's horrible!!!! I don't know if that kind of stain can be removed esp from Ice Blue?!? Ackkk! That restaurant owes you *hugely*!!! Maybe you can take it to a tannery or a professional cleaner that specialized in leather? I don't know...I'm sooo sorry this happened to you! :cry:
  8. :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  9. well ladies, i did not handle it well! the crazy thing is that freaking apple guard must do something bc the stain is getting lighter on its own... i can still see it and it was not one drop, but a stream of splashes!!!!!!!!!!so, i may be getting a brand new weekender, i am in negotiations with the management bc i told them it is a collectors item! i will have to give them the ice blue bag:sad: if and when they agree to pay for a new weekender, which has just gone up $100 this season......stay tuned,:love:thank you all for you concern!you are great bal friends!! my bf said i bet you cant wait to post to PF. does he know us??????/:heart:
  10. Chaus so sorry that, that happened. I think my heart would have stopped if that happened to one of my b bags. Hopefully you'll be able to get a new weekender.
  11. That is awful! I don't think you should have to give them your ice blue in exchange if they buy you a new bag. Good luck Hope everything works out.
  12. ITA with nikki!
  13. omg... that's my worst nightmare!!! expecially the ice blue is such a light color, I can't imagine the stain... but the good thing is they want to replace your bag.. just keep us posted.. Do you already have in mind what color are you gonna get?
  14. What a nightmare! Hope it works out okay in the end! :flowers:
    And I agree, you shouldn't have to give them the blue one--a new bag doesn't replace something that is no longer available.
  15. yikes, i'm sooooooooooooo sorry about that chaussure-girl :cry: