Ibiza/Bleecker Opinion

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  1. HI Ladies, I have the Ibiza in Violet, which I love for a laptop/weekend bag. I originally had intended to use it as a diaper bag, but it's too cumbersome for that. I then ordered the Bleecker backpack in Smoke Blue to solve the diaper bag problem. Good news is that it makes for a great diaper bag when putting everything in it - Bad News is that I'm not loving the color in terms of matching my particular wardrobe. My local Von Maur has the backpack in Violet.

    My question is: Is it dumb to have two different HH bags in the same color? I would potentially even be carrying at the same time very occasionally like when we are traveling. Or if you were in my shoes and had your heart set on one of each bag, would you simply go with the black?

    Side note: I have the travel wallet in the violet too so it would cross well between both:biggrin:
  2. Not dumb at all. I bought the Ibiza first and then the PanAm in Smoke Blue. I have yet to carry them together but bought them thinking they would make a cute travel set. Now that I have a little one, I've been thinking about getting the Bleeker! So it's great to hear it makes a great diaper bag.
  3. BTW, your daughter is ADORABLE!!!
  4. Aw, thanks:biggrin: Thanks for your input. I feel better and actually was thinking the same thing in terms of a travel set. I ended up running and trading this afternoon and feel pretty confident. I think it really does fit things well. A few diapers, travel wipes, snacks and a couple bottles (Which I plan on putting into one of those NY Built bottle holders first and then into the backpack). Binkys can go in the front along with cell phone and keys.

    I'm going to carry it when we go to Chicago for a couple days Monday and Tuesday so I'll let you know how well it works out!
  5. Have a great trip! I LOVE Chicago. We moved away from there last year to come here to Switzerland and I am still bugging DH to move back!